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Hi all,

Just wanted to bring everyone whom it may concern up to date. I’m still figuring out how all this works (fortunately not too slowly too) but I’m hoping to make the forum the key feature of the site for general discussion and news where it comes to the world of physic.

I wish to figure out how to set up proper user profiles so everyone can have a sufficient presence on the site and start advertising it a little on social media to get it started on the down low to keep it manageable!

You may have seen I’ve updated the personal projects with something that interests me in particular, if you want to leave a comment go right ahead I’d be glad to get some help on it everything’s appreciated. Hopefully I’ve set it up so that anyone can do the same and add to the projects and I’d love to hear what you’re interested in and up to.

Yours truly,


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About Milo Collins

Hi! I'm the admin for the site, a physics related side project. I'm currently doing my A levels (In French, Math+Further Maths, and Physics) and my real passion is in understanding and exploring the world of Quantum Physics.
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